Emamectin 1.9 EC

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Emamectin Benzoate 1.9% EC
Pack Size: 1 Ltr
Formulation: EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
Target Crops: Field crops like Groundnuts, Cotton, Soybean, all vegetables, all horticulture crops etc.



    • Emamectin benzoate 1.9% E.C is a highly potent insecticide cum acaricide. Even though Emamectin benzoate 1.9% E.C displays a broad spectrum pest control action.
    •  Its action mechanism is to intensify the effect of neurotransmitter, such as, glutamate and γ-amino butyric acid, make the latter lose function and disturb neurotransmission, after contacting the chemical quickly stops to eat and die.


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